Education Board Results Publish System

Education Board Results Publish System  Bangladesh Board of Education Results Publication System. Are you in tension, how will you get your board results? Then don’t worry! We are here for you. At present, it is possible to get the results of any test in a short time through the internet while sitting at home. The main means of viewing the results is  is the official portal for publishing results. Recently, another official site was added. Previously, this website was the only site to get all the information related to the results.

Education Board Results Publish System

Although board results have resulted in more advanced systems of results, the quality of this site has not diminished at all. On the day of publication of any result, everyone comes to the site to see the result. Today we will discuss the method of publishing results on this site. You will find a detailed guide on how to get results from this site. In addition, we will discuss our education system. So let’s find out how a lot more unknown things in this context.

How to get results from (Education Board Results Publish System)

We all know  is a government website that publishes JSC, SSC, and HSC exam results. But how many people know how to view results from this site, how the results are published? The site publishes results from the results server. When we search for results, the site’s program serves us with information to search from the server.

To see results from this site,

Education Board Results Publish System

  1. First, go to
  2. Then select any one of the JSC / SSC / HSC results you want to see.
  3. Then enter your passing year,
  4. Type the roll number
  5. Enter the registration number
  6. Type captcha
  7. And click the submit button

You will get your desired result. SSC Result

SSC results are extremely important for students as the results are necessary for them to be admitted to the college of their choice. Students can be admitted to the college depending on their SSC results and that is why students are eagerly waiting for the results after the exams.

Earlier, it took a long time for SSC results to be published. In some cases, students have to wait for months to get SSC results. But now all education boards have decided to publish SSC results in minimum time after examination.

We will now move on to the most important step where you can learn about the process of checking SSC Results. You can check SSC Results in different ways like checking results online or checking results by SMS.

Education system of Bangladesh (Education Board Results Publish System)

Our education system was originally established by the British. Even after so many years, our educational activities are still attached to that system. At present, there are 4 levels in our education system. These are primary, secondary, higher secondary, and higher education. And we have four public exams up to high school. A student has to go through each level step by step and be highly educated. We will now briefly discuss each level of public examination in our education system.

Primary level – PSC

Our primary education system is from pre-primary to 5th grade. Primary education is completed through the PSC examination. Earlier the duration of this education was 5 years. Adding pre-primary education, it has now increased to 7 years. There are many governments and private primary schools in the country for primary education. You will find all the information related to PSC Results in DPE Results Portal.

Junior School Certificate (JSC)

The Junior School Certificate or JSC, in short, is a public examination applicable to eighth-grade students in Bangladesh. Madrasa students are given a certificate equivalent to Junior Dakhil Certificate or JDC. Students who pass this test receive a Junior School Certificate and are admitted to the ninth grade. In addition, students are awarded junior scholarships based on their test results. For the first time in Bangladesh, Junior School Certificate Examination and Junior Dakhil Certificate Examination have been held for general school and madrasa students. JSC Results can be found at

Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

After JSC, SSC is the next public examination. After studying in the ninth and tenth classes, students have to participate in the SSC examination. It is said that SSC examinations are conducted based on the ninth and 10th class syllabus. In our country, SSC exams usually start in the first week of February which last for a whole month. SSC examinations have been conducted since the British period. There was no public examination before SSC.

This time PSC exam and JSC have been added. Through SSC results, students get recognition for their two years of study. The SSC syllabus has been changing since the beginning of the system. Now a new test method has been introduced instead of the previous one. Through this, a student will be able to enter the higher secondary level. If you want to see  SSC Results, you can get them from After passing the SSC exam, you will apply for admission to class XI.

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)

For completion of HSC examination in our country. Eleventh grade and twelfth grade together higher secondary education. This education is generally known as a college education in our country. HSC examinations are conducted according to the syllabus of classes XI and XII. HSC exams are taken to measure the knowledge of high school students.

HSC exams are currently starting in the first week of April. This test lasts for about a month and a half. HSC results are published within the last 60 days of the exam. A little exceptional scene is seen after the HSC examination. After other exams, everyone is at ease but after HSC exams, everyone is busy with their coaching or study for admission to the public university. You can visit to know HSC results. You can find your results by providing all the necessary information.

The final word (Education Board Results Publish System)

But we can compete with the outside world in terms of results. This site is an excellent contribution of the government in viewing the results of JSC, SSC, and HSC examinations. Because seeing the results of this site is now in our hands. Anyone can know the results from the internet sitting at home. For this, people are getting results in a short time without any kind of suffering.

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