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Among the younger generation, Grameen Uniqlo Job Circular 2022 is the priority for its quality services and other facilities. Grameen Uniqlo is the 1st in Asia and one of the most famous clothing brands in Bangladesh. Grameen Uniqlo is affiliated with Grameen Bank Limited. In 2013, Grameen Uniqlo opened its first outlet in Dhaka.

Rural UNIQLO Job Circular 2021

At present, Grameen Uniqlo has 18 outlets across the country, nine in Dhaka, and they are providing their best services to the people. Its main goal is to help needy people socially and economically through their business.

Rural Uniclo Job 2021

Since opening Grameen Uniqlo in 2013, it has been serving the best quality products and working hard to maintain its quality. So, they are very conscious about their sales department. There are some criteria for rural UNICLO jobs that should be followed and known:

  • A minimum HSC pass is required for application.
  • Age requirements 18 to 30.
  • Students studying in different universities can apply for Grameen Uniqlo jobs.
  • Applicants should behave well and well in communication.
  • A positive attitude is a must for applicants. Because our goal is to spread positivity to the nation.
  • The salesperson should have an idea about all the products and their benefits.
  • The salesperson must ensure customer satisfaction.
  • The salesperson needs to be enterprising and have a bold voice to meet the needs of the customers.
  • Proficiency in English will add a plus point among the applicants.

About the salary and nature of Grameen Uniqlo job

  • Job opportunities both part-time and full-time.
  • Also, contract job opportunities in all outlets, but only for the month of Ramadan.
  • In a full-time job, 8 hours of work time and 1.5 hours of break are excluded from work time.
  • In a part-time job, 5 hours of work time and 1.5 hours of break from work hours are excluded.
  • The full-time salary is Rs 6,500 per month.
  • In part-time, the salary will be calculated as per hour. Hourly: 41.5 rupees.
  • Overtime will be calculated as 50 rupees per hour.

Environment and convenience

The environment is suitable for both the customer and the seller. We ensure a friendly and supportive environment for all. We greatly encourage our staff for teamwork and its benefits. In this current epidemic situation, we strictly follow all the rules and precautions given by our Ministry of Health. We appreciate giving our employees bonuses for their outstanding work.

How to apply for the Grameen Uniqlo job?

To apply for a Grameen Uniqlo job, you can also visit our official Facebook page and our website. There we will provide a link to submit your CV, and after the deadline, selected applicants will be called for an interview, and then we will select the final applicants for the Grameen Uniqlo job.

Website –

In rural uncle, there is zero-tolerance for violence and no room for discriminators and racists. To maintain quality service, all applicants and employees should follow our rules for the Grameen Uniqlo Job Circular 2022.

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