GST Admission Application 2022 – Primary Application Form

GST Admission Application: Students have completed the 2022 applications through Last year in 2022, the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC) proposed GST (General Science and Technology) Admission Test. This means that this new system will reduce the hassle of many candidates as the GST program will only hold one test for all public universities. Many aspects, especially of education, have been identified as the result of the current epidemic.

At first, some varsities opposed the decision but in the end, 20 universities agreed to the proposal. They held a meeting on December 19, 2022, where the Vice-Chancellors decided to join the 2022-2022 GST program. However, the authorities have decided to process the application in two ways. Firstly, the students have to apply for the preliminary selection in the name of the GST preliminary application and secondly, the selected candidates can apply for the final application.

GST Admission Application 2022

Although all the university admission tests were held separately last year, the Corona epidemic situation has changed quite rapidly. Almost all public universities in Bangladesh have agreed to conduct their university examinations at the same time. Therefore, the University Admission Notification of GST 2022 has been published. Now, students need to apply for the preliminary selection process.

If you want to be admitted to the university of your choice out of 20, you need to know about the minimum requirements of the GST admission program, mark distribution, and application process.

GST Preliminary Application Form

UGC has announced the preliminary application notification for GST, starting April 1, 2022. Not all candidates who are interested or willing to participate, even if they have basic qualifications, will be able to appear in the admission test. On the other hand, those who want to be admitted will apply on the basis of the mentioned qualifications. After applying, however, only selected candidates will be allowed to take the admission test.

Those interested in appearing for the GST Admission Test will have to select through a preliminary selection process. The application period for the preliminary episode will end on 15th April 2022. However, candidates do not have to pay any application fee for the preliminary selection process. We have added a list of all GST admitted universities for your convenience.

GST ভর্তি পরীক্ষার চুড়ান্ত আবেদনঃ ০১/০৪/২০২২ তারিখ দুপুর ১২:০০ টা হতে ০৭/০৪/২০২২ তারিখ রাত ১১:৫৯ টা পর্যন্ত

How to fill GST Preliminary Application Form?

The application process is relatively easy to follow because applicants can apply to all the universities at once. You will need to apply for an online form to complete the GST University Admission Process.

  • To get started, enter the official website GST Admission:
  • After clicking on the final application button you can find an online form.
  • Now fill in the required information.
  • Upload a recently captured color photo and signature.
  • Then finish the application by clicking the submit button.

Marks distribution list of GST

The admission notice of GST University states that admission will be tested through the MCQ process and it will have a total of 100 marks. According to the notification, the admission time will be 1 hour 30 minutes.

The subject of the human group is the Marx distribution list

Bengali – 40, ICT – 25, English – 35

Commerce Group Topics Marks Distribution List

Accounting – 25, Business Management – 25, Bengali – 13, English – 12, ICT – 25

Science group subject mark distribution list

Bengali – 10, English – 10, ICT – 20, Physics – 20, Chemistry – 20, Biology – 20, Mathematics – 20

Candidates for GST admission in C-Unit can answer 2 out of the last 3 subjects (Biology, ICT, and Mathematics) as these are considered as 4th subjects in the examination.

Who can apply for GST Preliminary Election?

Admission to GST University is open for candidates who have passed HSC or equivalent examination in 2022 or 2022. We will share the admission criteria according to the unit so that you can easily understand the requirements. It is to be noted that a minimum GPA of 3.50 is required for each unit in HSC and SSC examinations.

There are about three units in the GST program. The first is called A-Unit for Art Group students. If you are a student of a humanities group, you need a minimum of 7.00 GPA in a combination with SSC and HSC results.

For a group of B Unit Business Studies students. Students who have a total GPA of 7.30 in both SSC and HSC are eligible candidates for this unit. Those in the science group who must be eligible for this unit must have a minimum GPA of at least 8.00.

And the last C unit is for science examinees. Anyone in the Science Group with a total GPA of 8.00 can apply in the application process.

We have added the mark distribution list of the GST program for your convenience.

The outcome of the initial application

The preliminary selection process will run from 1st April 2022 to 15th April 2022 If applicants meet the minimum requirements for the exam, they will be selected for the final process. They will receive a notification on their personal contact number about the results of their election. The final application will then start on 23 April 2022. Selected students will have to pay an application fee of Rs.500 / – to complete the final process.

Preliminary application for GST admission

GST University Admission 2021-2022 will be held for the first time in our country. Public varsities have taken this step to ensure safety and reduce student harassment due to the Corona epidemic. So, here we suggest a final part of the guidance. The competition will be tougher than any other year as the highest number of students have passed HSC this year. So, sharpen your skills in all the subjects required for the admission test in preparation for the upcoming war.

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