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The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has released a new list of monthly salary orders or an Online MPO List. Finally, teachers who are waiting for this can download the list from this page. The DSHE official website has been updated with a new MPO list. However, if there is high web traffic the list may be unavailable on the website. So, we collected the list and attached it here as a PDF and an image. As a result, you can easily download it from this page.

Online MPO List 2021

The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has released a list of schools, colleges, and madrasas eligible for MPO from the government. No school, college, madrasa can be MPO registered without the approval of the Department of Education, so this list is very important.

The government currently pays a monthly salary for each teacher in a pre-determined educational institution. According to the Ministry of Education, the total monthly salary will be effective in July 2022 this year. This year, the government will fund a total of 567 madrasas and 512 technical-vocational institutes.

Teacher MPO List 2022 PDF

The MPO notification issued by the Department of Secondary Education lists 995 secondary schools (VI-X), 93 colleges (XI-XII), 68 higher secondary schools, 439 junior secondary schools (grades 6-8), and 56-degree colleges. Higher Secondary Education (XIII-XV). This year’s MPO notification includes 556 madrasas besides general educational institutions like schools and colleges.

Among the listed madrasas are 358 Dhakil madrasas, 29 Kamil madrasas, 42 Fazil madrasas and 128 Alim madrasas. Among the newly enrolled are 522 technical and vocational institutes, 72 agricultural institutes, 46 volunteers (48 departments). ) Institute, 175 BM (Independent) Institute, and 108 BM (Affiliate) Institute.

MPO Salary and Bonus 2021

The MPO List 2022 PDF can be obtained from the official website of DSHE by following the link provided here. You will be able to download them from our website by clicking on the link shown here. The list of MPO salaries and bonuses is given below.

Download Online MPO List

PDF files for the MPO List 2022 and 2022 are also available online. Anyone can view the MPO list online at any time by clicking on the link below. Click on the link below to be taken to a new page listing MPO schools, colleges, and madrasas. 2022

The MPO list 2022 from DSHE can be found on their website. All the secondary and higher education institutions that are eligible for MPO must have a very high standard of education. If an educational institution is deemed ineligible, it may be excluded from the MPO. Bangladesh Secondary and Intermediate Board authorities have published the April MPO notification 2022 online.

According to the MPO March 2022 note, government-directed paychecks have been transferred to teachers or employees of private educational institutions for April 2022. Sonali, Janata, Rupali, and Agrani Banks are the banks that will be able to pay teachers their March salaries in June 2022.


1. Online MPO – What is Online MPO?

Online MPO is the digital version of MPO entry. When a teacher is hired in an MPO registered organization, the online application to receive his salary allowance is Online MPO. Earlier, to get salary and allowance, one had to apply to the Department of Secondary and Higher Education in person, with the required paperwork, now it can be done online from one’s institution.

2. What is MPO Notice?

MPO Notice is the official notice of the salary allowance order of the private teaching staff.

3. Why is Teacher MPO Update?

Teacher MPO is updated due to the addition and correction of new teacher inclusion, time scale, senior scale, name-age, etc. of any organization. Teachers and staff are being recruited in private schools, colleges, madrasas, and technical education institutions in the country. When the teachers who have been appointed to the vacant and created posts receive their salaries and allowances, the MPO list of that institution is updated.

The MPO list is a boon for teachers as they will receive a monthly salary from the government. This is a significant step by the present Bangladesh government as it is a clear solution that will satisfy the teachers who have been protesting for MPO for months. We hope you find the MPO list you are looking for.

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